Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

ALTER EGO Couture Capsule

Through the Julia Aiste Luxury Design
AW 22-23 ALTER EGO Couture Capsule Collection, designer  opens the doors to expressive power. Julia Aiste, the designer, calls to express yourself and make inner transformation, to choose the most beautiful version of yourself and let the inner light shine bright. Expressive power is a magical tool which has a beautiful side-effect- inner transformation and healing. Be the You that You Deserve to Be. Bold & ultra-feminine. Game of contrasts- passion and restraint. This is the beautiful story of transformation- a caterpillar into an exquis butterfly-yesterday’s You turning into the most Beautiful Version of Yourself.
Set the mood for autumn & winter with an exclusive capsule collection in contrasting black & champagne beige colors duet of couture designs and artfully-crafted accessories, such as lustrous silk satin belts, sensual lace details, polka dot mesh collars & cuffs adorned with feather embroidery.

The Thoughtful Couture Capsule 2 in 1

Express yourself with exclusive designer clothes & JU ultimate ready-to-go signature looks like you've just visited your personal image consultant & stylist


  • Be the You that You Deserve to Be

  • Bold & Ultra-Feminine