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Julia Aiste Luxury Design

Acquiring Your Julia Aiste Luxury Design Garment, You will get:

1. Perfect fit. Before creating your garment, we will make sure together your measurements are exact, the size is perfect and the chosen model is the best fit for your figure type! You get your exclusive bonus: if the garment doesn’t fit you perfectly, you can ship it back for all the needed adjustments (we will do a zoom call for that) to guarantee the perfect fit. NB! No additional costs applied, we will take care of it for you.

2. Flawless feminine Cut. The Ideal Form that will adorn You. Creating my garments, I dedicate a lot of time and effort to creating&constructing the perfect cut- “the significant&ideal form”. What does that mean? My cuts are designed a special way to emphasize the advantages of a female figure, to bring to front Your feminine side and beautiful silhouette, so that the garment you put on, builds up visually the flawless hourglass shape figure (there are special techniques to do that, that’s Our Signature Style). I know how to shape&create the “ideal form”. Garments can make wonders. My ultimate goal is to make You feel like a real Goddess&to enjoy Yourself.

3. Guarantee of exclusivity. What does it mean? All my garments are created in limited quantities only. Wearing Your Julia Aiste Luxury Design Garment I guarantee You will feel really Special as You are the owner of something very rare, precious&unique. 

4. Comfort feeling. We use exceptionally Italian superior quality stretchy fabrics. Your comfort feeling is our priority.

5. Couture Creation Process. All the pieces are uniquely handmade.

6. Exclusive Personal Treatment. Being a designer and brand founder, it´s very important for me to stay close and keep in touch with my clients. We are connected in social media channels and through online calls and consultations, you will have my guidance throughout the whole process of creating your garment until the delivery. And that’s not all. We will stay connected after as well and I will share my Designer’s expertise with you (you can ask style questions and consult with me).