The Designer

"Clothes always meant for me much more than just a usual piece of fabric. Designer garments have a special spirit, enclosed meaning, and symbolism. For me garments are alive creatures."

-Julia Aiste-


Julia’s  Dream has always been to become a Fashion Designer and to create elegant clothing for elegant women… 

The Designer, Julia Aiste, brings passion and an iconic branding mission, to create premium quality beautiful & elegant clothes for elegant women, perfectly meeting the values and high-level standards of a modern woman with a conscious and sustainable concept. The designer delivers timeless elegance with a taste of tradition. Julia Aiste Luxury Design brand was founded on the designer’s biggest dream, to create beautiful, comfortable, extremely feminine & elegant clothing for elegant women all around the globe to look beautiful, enjoy themselves and let them feel like the modern Queen of elegance through wearing Julia Aiste luxurious clothes.   

The designer shares true, irrepressible love and passion for everything beautiful, burning with unstoppable creative fire, inducing to create new universes of masterpieces in the endless search for “ideal of the significant form” and restlessly excelling in the iconic signature style. The designer’s talent was inherited through deep roots&generations, from her Great Grandfather, who was an interior and clothing designer himself. The brand is represented currently in boutiques in London, Monaco, Dubai, and Tallinn. The most beautiful, successful, and elegant women of the World, such as Anna Bey, Arina Bernardini, and Angelina Kali wear Julia Aiste Luxury Design dresses.

 The designer is honored to be the descendant of a creative and talented dynasty of artisans of the oldest of textile arts-sewing, whose members admire and love beauty in all its expressions.

Julia Aiste

Designer, Creative Director & Founder

Garments for me are really alive creatures!
Each of them has its own unique and unrepeatable character. 
I believe that garments have their own soul & vibe. It’s an authentic and the most fascinating process of creating clothes at its core! “


-Julia Aiste-