Want To Know How To Start Living A Dream Life & Wait No Longer?

Here is Zoe’s*, our amazing client’s, story to inspire you

*Client's real name & pictures are changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Zoe’s been dreaming of  luxurious designer coat, but like many of us, she had some reservations holding her back. We all know those “logical” reasons that seem to stop us in our tracks: which cut to choose, what color suits us best, and the investment involved. And of course, the ever-present concern about our weight and waiting for that “perfect shape.”

But here’s the sad truth: Those “logical arguments” are often just our inner resistance, keeping us from the life we truly want. Zoe had these doubts too, until we had our magical online meeting.

In that meeting, something amazing happened. Zoe’s fears disappeared, and she realized she deserved her dream coat. She felt incredible, and the joy on her face was priceless!

I want to share our insights from that meeting with all of you, to inspire and empower you to break through those patterns.

We found the perfect cut and style for Zoe – the A-silhouette with a stunning flared design that complements any figure type. And the ideal color for her coat was black, versatile enough for her busy lifestyle as a devoted mom and a small business owner, attending formal and informal events.

We also tailored the perfect payment plan for Zoe, a 3-month installment without any interest rate, making her dream coat more accessible.

As for the concern about weight loss, we embraced the beauty of individuality. It’s normal to experience weight fluctuations, and there’s no shame in that. Every woman is beautiful and unique. As a designer, I frequently encounter the reality that even slim women often feel uncomfortable and insecure when it comes to taking body measurements. As a designer, my mission is to make women feel confident, beautiful and comfortable in their dream garments, free from judgment or shame. Remember, there’s no such thing as the wrong body, only the wrong dress. We found the right size, knowing that Zoe will feel stunning no matter what, and the luxurious Italian fabric we discovered is a composition of 40% cashmere and 60% wool – simply tactile and divine.

Zoe’s story is here to inspire you, to dispel fears and myths, and to remind you that NOW is the time to live your dream life. Don’t wait any longer! Let’s leave behind the “delayed life syndrome” and embrace the present moment. Each day is a precious opportunity to pursue our dreams, cherish the things that matter, and live life to the fullest. No more waiting for the perfect time – the right time is NOW. Do not hold yourself back from your dream life, for you are the creator of your own magic and possess the power to change it all in your hands.

In the name of beauty,

-Julia Aiste-
Designer & Founder


Julia Aiste, the designer, immersed in the captivating work process, creating magic.
JU Asymmetric Wool Couture Coat No. 50