Spring-Summer 2022

Celebrate the N.O.W.!

SS22  is dedicated to the most precious moment – N.O.W.
The Collection inspires & reminds us to put focus on Life & N.O.W. Life is like a fragile wink & the greatest miracle of all. The only thing that matters is a powerful moment- N.O.W.   There are no life guarantees but there is N.O.W.! Live your life to the fullest possible potential N.O.W. without any regrets about wasted time & chances! Celebrate every single moment of your life!  The Designer inspires to live bright & tasty life here and N.O.W.!
SS22 brings to attention the wonderful play of different fabrics and textures. Such as Italian luxurious velvet, silk, cotton, viscose, wool, luxurious polyester, tulle, feathers, and luxury 3D beads handmade embroidery. SS22 encompasses feminine silhouettes in classic interpretation with a modern twist, reflected by the play of bold colors and decorative detachable elements such as feather trim, sashes, and scarves.

Julia Aiste Luxury Design re-defines casual Dress Code and encourages all the Ladies to dress up every day and every N.O.W. like for a Special Celebration!

SS22 COLLECTION message inspires & encourages to: 

  • Celebrate every single moment of your life N.O.W.!
  • Live bright & tasty life here and N.O.W.!